About this Guide

This guide is intended to provide help with installing and configuring the MDB Tools suite of programs. It is a work in progress and the author will happily accept new material, clarifications, or other enhancements in any format. Patches to the original DocBook format can be uploaded to the SourceForge patch area under the MDB Tools project page. Changes in plain text and other formats can be submitted directly to the mailing list or the author.

A few technical notes. This guide is written in SGML DocBook format, specifications for which are found in the DocBook book. It was converted to HTML with OpenJade. The document you are reading is version $Revision: 1.1 $ , dated $Date: 2003/01/12 22:59:42 $ (CVS control number $Id: install.sgml,v 1.1 2003/01/12 22:59:42 brianb Exp $). The most recent version can be found on the MDB Tools web site.